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According To Their Kinds

It is critical to emphasize we do not just talk about Jesus, we proclaim Him as the Crucified One…FOR YOU! This means the very One who was acting on Page One is the One Who came to earth to save us! This truth is an utter scandal to those who seek to make themselves righteous and it is utter stupidity to those who seek to define the world for themselves. But for us, FOR YOU, this message is the POWER OF GOD!

Let The Land Produce

Why does Page One matter so much? Because we learn what God is like. We learn what He is about. We learn that when He speaks, it cannot be stopped. In a world where we hear “that won’t work” all to often, we need to hear the power and promise of God’s Word!

Let There Be Light

What does it mean to say that God is Good? It is to highlight the difference between LIGHT and DARKNESS. Join us for this powerful study of Page One of the Bible, seeing where everything in OUR lives began.

In The Beginning

When you look at yourself what do you see? Where did you come from? What implications do the answers to these questions have? They are enormous and its time to talk about them. Join us for the first installment our new series: PAGE ONE.