In The Beginning

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Our culture teaches that:
1. Nothing Produces Everything
2. Non-Life Produces Life
3. Randomness Produces Order
4. Chaos Produces Information
5. Unconsciousness Produces Consciousness
6. Non-Reason Produces Reason

This list is taken from Lee Strobel’s excellent book, The Case for a Creator (p. 277, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, 2004).

God Created

Genesis 1:1 | SomeONE Produced Everything, The Living One Produced Life, The Designer Produced Order

Jesus Created

John 1:1-3 | The Word Formed Humanity As HIS Children, He Made Humans In His Image, He Made Humans Designed To Rule.

The Spirit Created

Genesis 1.2 | The world concludes that PURPOSE and MEANING are mere illusions. The Spirit produces LOVE, JOY & PEACE! The world concludes that Earth is a “Pale Blue Dot”. The Spirit shows us that Earth is a carefully prepared Garden! The world concludes that “This” is all there is. The Spirit shows us that “This” is incomplete, broken. “Spiritual” means complete, which is His plan: to complete that which is incomplete, to restore that which is broken!


Romans 8:11 | God created you, formed you as His child. Even though humanity rebelled, even now Jesus is working, giving you His Spirit, making right all things by bringing about the NEW HEAVENS and the NEW EARTH!

Dig Deeper: Psalm 8, 19, 33, Isaiah 65:17-25, Romans 8, 12, Revelation 22

Other resources: God’s Undertaker by John Lennox, Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer, Darwin’s Black Box and Darwin Devolves, both by Michael Behe