How do we know we can rely on the Bible? The first step is to learn that the Bible didn't come from heaven...the Word of God did! (And because of this we can trust His written word as most certainly true!!)


We need to CLARIFY who and what we are up against, IDENTIFY who we are and how we fit in the Story, and FORTIFY for our place in the Kingdom of God as Jesus advances it in this broken, hostile world…all through us!


What would happen if 100 people trusted the words of Jesus? What would happen if we didn't make it about getting a ticket to heaven but instead saw ourselves as the bringers of heaven...on earth?


The biggest obstacle to love is fear. The power to love comes directly from God because He IS LOVE. And it is through His dwelling in us that He drives out fear! Join us as we study our hearts with our fifth core value: Loving.


What do words like “righteousness” and “sin” and “justification” mean? Sometimes these can feel like “Bible words” that are detached from our real lives, when in fact, they are the most important things going on EACH and EVERY day in our lives! Join us to learn more!!


What if we changed our measurements of people? How do you measure yourself? How do you measure others? How does GOD measure you...and others?


Last week we asked: what is our front door going to be like? Now, we take the next step: what is our family room going to be like?


What is our front door going to be like? How do we measure where people are at in relation to God? Join us for a different kind of study, one where we study our hearts! Welcoming: The First of our Ten Core Values!

Deliver Us

Prayer is the most powerful action we can take! Never forget this and see how this works in our day to day circumstances as we are called to stand in this broken world!

Your Will

What does it mean when we pray: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? Join as we go to God’s Word in Romans 12 where we learn all about God’s Will!

Your Kingdom

What does it mean for us to pray “Your Kingdom Come” when we pray the Lord’s Prayer? What are we asking for? What does it look like when His Kingdom comes amongst us?!? Join us as we grow together in God’s Word about His Kingdom!

Your Name

When we pray “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name…” we are asking that His name be made Holy among us! @e are praying that we would be filled to the full with God Himself! With God’s LOVE! That we would be the people who bear His name!