All in Who is Jesus?


Jesus showed Himself to the disciples to address a critical question: Where did they now stand with Him? That question is also so important for all of us: Where do WE stand with Him?

Have Life

This is the first Easter to fall on April Fools Day since 1956. It begs the question: Is Easter all just a big joke? Wishful thinking? Sentimental nonsense? Is He—in fact—Risen?

The Resurrection

Optimism and hope are different. Optimism is the thinking that based upon our experience, things will get better. Hope looks at experiences and grapples with the reality that God is still working when things don’t look good at all. #Resurrection

The Temple of God

Are you religious? What does that word even mean? Jesus confronts all kinds of religious notions when He turns the water into wine and turns over the temple tables. Join us for John's second chapter, and thus the second answer to the question: Who Is Jesus? THE TEMPLE OF GOD.

The Lamb of God

Join us as we begin our journey through the Gospel of John, which seeks to answer in multiple important ways: Who is Jesus? He is the Light. He is the Lamb of God. He is the Son of God. Come along for this amazing journey!