Have Life


John 20:8  ||  John, the author of this book (as moved by the Holy Spirit), arrives at the tomb, which was EMPTY. And it was there that he saw and believed.

John 20:24-25  ||  Thomas wasn’t there to see the Risen Jesus. But don’t call him “doubting” Thomas. He refused to believe. He needed evidence and he had clearly defined what that evidence was.

John 20:26-28  ||  Jesus responds to Thomas in the exact way that Thomas needed. He will do so for you also! It was exactly there, just like with John, that Thomas saw and believed.


John 20:29  ||  Jesus proclamation to Thomas is for our benefit. It is a restatement of John 6:29 where Jesus said, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.” This not the caricature which the world puts upon Christianity, but rather it is the proclamation of the Risen King! YOU ARE SAVED WHEN YOU BELIEVE.

John 20:31  ||  John describes his purpose of writing: These things have been written FOR YOU. So that YOU may have life in the name of Jesus: (1) The Word of God, (2) The Temple of God, (3) The Son of God, (4) The Gift of God, (5) The Word of Life, (6) The Bread of Life, (7) The Living Water, (8) The Light of the World, (9) The Son of Man, (10) The Good Shepherd, (11) The Resurrection, (12) The King, (13) The Passover Lamb, (14) The Way, Truth & Life, (15) The True Vine, (16) The Spirit Giver (17) The Only True God, (18-20) The Lord!