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He's The One!

What is Jesus to you? Not who is He, but what is He to you? Is He life or is He death to you? That’s what Simeon is saying. This little baby, the Glory of Israel and the Light of the world, is also the great divider of humanity. You’re either on one side or on the other regarding Jesus. No one stays in the middle forever.

Delayed Promises

No matter what things may look like, no matter what things may feel like, you can bank on God's Promises. Join us as we learn what happened to those people in The Bible who did...and WHO brought them through it all! He's ready to do the same for you.


Seminarian Joseph Highley visits us with "beautiful feet"! That is, he is a messenger bringing the Good News and equipping us to do the same! Check out this powerful message from Romans 10!