Read Scripture Guide for June 3 through June 9

June 3

Read Job 16-19, then Pray Psalm 142. Job’s friends are NOT helping! We too sometimes experience outside commentary that directs us away from Jesus. Instead, make Hebrews 12:2-3 your perspective when YOU face things in life that cause you to feel the way Job was feeling.

June 4

Read Job 20-23, then Pray Psalm 143. Remember this as you read Zophar’s argument: the idea that only the “righteous” will “prosper” is a lie. It assumes human definitions for “righteous” and “prosper”. Consider 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 and ask yourself: How does Jesus define “righteous” and “prosper”?

June 5

Read Job 24-28, then Pray Psalm 144. Zoom in on what Job says in chapter 23. All of us are tempted with this kind of thinking: “If only…”  and then we insert something that we would do or say. Run that thinking through Romans 8:1-4! Notice who has done the doing!

June 6

Read Job 29-31, then Pray Psalm 145. Notice how much Job uses the pronoun: “I”! The next time you hear yourself saying: “I haven’t ever…” or “I always…” go read Romans 3! Then turn to Jesus and trust in HIS promises!

June 7

Read Job 32-34, then Pray Psalm 146. Elihu get’s his turn. He begins yet another discourse to explain God’s actions. (Spoiler alert: not a great plan.) To get yourself ready for what God is going to say, go read Romans 8:18-27.

June 8

Read all of Job 35-37, then Pray Psalm 147. Elihu seeks to conclude his case. He makes it all about Job’s action or inaction, what his sins may yet cause. Instead, peek ahead to see how this turns out in reality with the True God of the Universe: Romans 8:28-39.

June 9

Read Job 38-39, then Pray Psalm 148. These two chapters are among the most important in all of Scripture. Take your time with them. Drink from the deep. After you read these two chapters no fewer than twice, consider the words of 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. Write down questions and emotions! Share them in our next rally point (Sunday Bible Study) or email them in!