Read Scripture Guide for June 10 through June 16

June 10

Read Job 40-42, then Pray Psalm 149. It is important to note what the end of Job does NOT say. It does NOT say that the Lord blessed Job double now because he was a good person. It simply says the Lord blessed Job double. The point of this ending is for you to not miss the point of Job! (Hint: see Job 19:25-27, 38:2 and 40:2 as a reminder!) See how Paul, moved by the Holy Spirit, utilized this thinking in Romans 11:33-36. The Lord is God! And He is Good.

June 11

Read Proverbs 1-3, then Pray Psalm 150. Consider the words of Proverbs 3:5-6. These might be good words to memorize!

June 12

Read Proverbs 4-6, then Pray Psalm 1. Consider the damage and destruction that adultery brings to a family. Not just one is betrayed. The whole family, the whole community is hurt. And yet, see John 8:1-11!

June 13

Read Proverbs 7-9, then Pray Psalm 2. The call of wisdom! Zoom in on 9:1-6.

June 14

Read Proverbs 10-12, then Pray Psalm 3. Consider 12:1, which is a call for the reader to listen even to what he or she may not want to hear.

June 15

Read all of Proverbs 13-15, then Pray Psalm 4. By now you may have noticed a rhythm or meter to these sayings. Sometimes it is repetition with intensity, sometimes it is contrast. But the words are densely packed and ring true for anyone who has life experience.

June 16

Read Proverbs 16-18, then Pray Psalm 5. Consider making Proverbs a daily read. There is one for each day of the month. Maybe just read a sampling from each Proverb once a day. Invite Wisdom to be your companion!