Read Scripture Guide for May 27 through June 2


This week we jump around just a bit so that we can see the contrast and complementation of the “big three” wisdom books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job.

May 27

Read Proverbs 1, then Pray Psalm 135. There are 31 Proverbs. Many Christians assign one per day of the month “for attaining wisdom and discipline” as verse 2 describes. Let’s consider it!

May 28

Read Ecclesiastes 1, then Pray Psalm 136. Do not forget the Hebrew word “HEVEL”. This is what our English translations translate as “meaningless”. In your mind, change it to smoke, with the image of trying to “grab ahold of smoke”. This nuance will unlock Ecclesiastes!

May 29

Read Job 1, then Pray Psalm 137. The question in Job is among the deepest we will face: Is God…good? See Genesis 3:1-4.  

May 30

Read Job 2-3, then Pray Psalm 138. Some will say God is not fair or just as he allows all of this to happen to Job. That is the point of the story: the author wants you to struggle with these questions! Continue…

May 31

Read Job 4-7, then Pray Psalm 139. Job might be the oldest book of the Bible in terms of the date of its writing. Regardless, it is ancient. It is interesting to note then, as you read chapters 4-7, you’ll find the comments and questions to sound quite familiar, almost “current.”

June 1

Read all of Job 8-11, then Pray Psalm 140. The questions and emotions swirling throughout this conversation are amazingly accurate for what we experience as we go through life. Even though your circumstances may differ from Job’s, think back: have you ever had conversations like this?

June 2

Read Job 12-15, then Pray Psalm 141. Allow the language to hit you just as it is: poetry. The imagery. The emotions. All regarding the deepest questions of life: who are we? Who is God? What is He like? As you read, remember where the overarching story culminates: the Cross & the Empty Tomb!