Read Scripture Guide for Decemeber 23 through December 27

This is where everything is going. It is the way everything was always ought to have been. These are His promises. A place with no tears. A place with no death. A place where the you you, the you He has been making all along will be free to run and leap and bound about in utter, complete fullness. A place where the story has no end.

Read Scripture Guide for November 11 through November 17

2 Corinthians concludes with Jesus strength and power being made perfect in our weakness! Galatians shows us the power of the Gospel! Ephesians plumbs the depths of the riches of God’s Grace shown to us through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Oh, might be a great week for the Read Scripture Series! Jump in with us!!!)

Read Scripture Guide for October 28 through November 3

This week we arrive at 1 Corinthians! This powerful letter deals with our default position of disunity and calls us to unity. But HOW will we arrive at unity? We preach Christ crucified. We preach Jesus risen from the dead, the first of many. This is the Gospel. This changes EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE and brings with it the unity of the Body of Christ Himself!

Read Scripture Guide for August 19 through August 25

The ending of 2 Chronicles is the ending of the Old Testament. And it cannot be overstated how the Old Testament literally ends mid-sentence. “And let him go up…” The Chronicler has reminded us of “where we are” in the story and highlighted what needs to happen if things are ever going to truly change.