Read Scripture Guide for September 16 through September 22

Read Scripture Guide for September 16 through September 22


  1. Grab a Bible. If it fits your style, also grab a journal to write in.

    • Which Bible version is best? The one you read! If you don’t have one, let us know! Print, Online, and Apps are available.

    • Invite family or friends to join you.

  2. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read. HE WILL.

  3. Check to see if there is a video to watch today

  4. Look up and read the assigned reading for the day.

  5. Look up the assigned Psalm that day: pray it out loud.

  6. Pray! Ask the Father to apply those readings to your life and to help you join Jesus where He is already working. HE WILL.

  7. Rally together each Sunday at Lindwedel Winery at 9:15 am with questions and discussion.

  8. Let's get started!!

September 16

Read Mark 15-16, then Pray Psalm 67. All the evidence we have indicates that Mark’s Gospel ends at 16:8. It is intended to be a cliffhanger, causing the reader to wonder: will we say nothing to anyone? (Mark 16:9-20 is still Scripture, but it was likely a collection of sayings/stories that was not part of Mark’s narrative, but added to the end).

September 17

Read John 1-2, then Pray Psalm 98. Spend extra time with John 1. Consider reading it next to Genesis 1. John 1:18 is a powerful testimony about who Jesus is: “God the One and Only”. In chapter 2, take note of verses 21-22!

September 18

Read John 3-4, then Pray Psalm 99. When you get to John 3:14-15, go back and read Numbers 21:4-9. Though John 3:16 may be familiar, make sure John 3:17 is equally so! And when reading through John 4, see that play out in a special way as you keep in mind that Samaritans were despised by the Jews.

September 19

Read John 5-6, then Pray Psalm 100. The question Jesus asks in John 5:6 is a deep question which is for all of us. We need to answer it many times throughout our lives. John 5:39-40 is key to understanding God’s Word and how it works (not a magic book we quote from, but that which points us to Jesus, the Living God) and John 6 is to be read together with Exodus 16.

September 20

Read John 7-8, then Pray Psalm 101. John 7:37-39 show us what Jesus is here to offer us. John 8:12 is a similar statement. Again, in John 8:31-32. And remember, never take 32 without 31. Before leaving these chapters, write 8:58 on your heart for when people try to tell you Jesus never claimed to be God. Certainly, He has been claiming that throughout the narrative over and over again, but this passage harkens back to Exodus 3:1-16.

September 21

Read John 9-10, then Pray Psalm 102. The question in John 9:2 comes upon our hearts often when we look at others in bad circumstances, let us never forget Jesus’ answer in verse 3. Then as you read the story, ponder the tremendous irony of who can now see and who is yet blind (hint: v. 35-41).

September 22

Read John 11-12, then Pray Psalm 103. Write John 11:25-26 on your heart. Hold onto it for your entire life and remember what resurrection looks like when Lazarus comes out of the tomb. Not a “spiritual” event (though it is profoundly spiritual) it is a bodily resurrection, just as Jesus’ is.

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