Read Scripture Guide for November 25 through December 1

Read Scripture Guide for November 25 through December 1


  1. Grab a Bible. If it fits your style, also grab a journal to write in.

    • Which Bible version is best? The one you read! If you don’t have one, let us know! Print, Online, and Apps are available.

    • Invite family or friends to join you.

  2. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read. HE WILL.

  3. Check to see if there is a video to watch today

  4. Look up and read the assigned reading for the day.

  5. Look up the assigned Psalm that day: pray it out loud.

  6. Pray! Ask the Father to apply those readings to your life and to help you join Jesus where He is already working. HE WILL.

  7. Rally together each Sunday at Lindwedel Winery at 9:00 am with questions and discussion.

  8. Let's get started!!

November 25

Read 1 Thessalonians 5, then Pray Psalm 10. The armor of God is mentioned again here, in reference to verse 6 where we are called to be alert! Just remember to keep verses 23 and 24 written upon your heart!

November 26

Read 2 Thessalonians, then Pray Psalm 11. Take some extra time with chapter 2. Focus less on trying to “pin the tail on the antichrist” and more on Jesus. His side of the story is described in verses 10-12. It is always an issue of the heart.

November 27

Read 1 Timothy 1-2, then Pray Psalm 12. It is important for us to hold 1 Timothy 2:4 close to our hearts so that the devil cannot deceive us. The lie is that God is unjust, that He is not good. The truth is that He is good, He is love, and He is doing everything to save ALL of us, despite the fact that some reject Him. Verses 5-7 carry this heart of God directly into us: we now participate in the mission!

November 28

Read 1 Timothy 3-4, then Pray Psalm 13. The word “overseer” is “episkope” in Greek, which indicates a leader over the local flock of Jesus-followers. Often rendered as “bishop” in our language, it is important to note that this word is used somewhat interchangeably with “deacon” mentioned later and in other New Testament passages. We end up rendering this word most often as “pastor” (see Ephesians 4:11-16).

November 29

Read 1 Timothy 5-6, then Pray Psalm 14. Study 1 Timothy 6:11-12 on how we are to keep “the main thing” as “the main thing” when we follow Jesus (letting His Word be the definition of all words!!!).

November 30

Read 2 Timothy 1-2, then Pray Psalm 15. As you read 2 Timothy, pay special attention to the words related to “suffering”. At some point in following Jesus, we are called to want to want what HE wants, regardless of the cost or impact upon us. Look for that teaching in this powerful letter.

December 1

Read 2 Timothy 3-4, then Pray Psalm 16. Pray through the words in 3:5 where it says “having a form of godliness but denying its power.” This is that the core of the difference between “churchianity” (where the container is more important than the contents) and Christianity (where we trust the promises of Jesus and seek to follow Him, no matter what). Follow the discussion and context through to 3:17.

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