Read Scripture Guide for Decemeber 23 through December 27

Read Scripture Guide for Decemeber 23 through December 27


  1. Grab a Bible. If it fits your style, also grab a journal to write in.

    • Which Bible version is best? The one you read! If you don’t have one, let us know! Print, Online, and Apps are available.

    • Invite family or friends to join you.

  2. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read. HE WILL.

  3. Check to see if there is a video to watch today

  4. Look up and read the assigned reading for the day.

  5. Look up the assigned Psalm that day: pray it out loud.

  6. Pray! Ask the Father to apply those readings to your life and to help you join Jesus where He is already working. HE WILL.

  7. Rally together each Sunday at Lindwedel Winery at 9:00 am with questions and discussion.

  8. Let's get started!!

December 23

Read Revelation 12-13, then Pray Psalm 38. Remember: the mark of the beast is the same kind of mark we see in the Old Testament (see Deuteronomy 6:1-9), which was that which pointed to the Word of God! This mark of the beast is that which points to the word of the beast. One does not accidentally take the mark of the beast, no more than one took the mark of Yahweh in Deuteronomy. It is not a tattoo or a microchip or some such silly thing! The mark of the beast is a daily life of intentional devotion to the beast! It is worship of the beast! Revelation 13:8 says everyone whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life WILL worship the beast (see Luke 10:17-20).

December 24

Read Revelation 14-16, then Pray Psalm 39. Notice where the Lamb’s name and the Father’s name are written! Remember from Revelation 7:13-17 who the 144,000 are.

December 25

Read Revelation 17-18, then Pray Psalm 40. Notice 17:9-18. This is one of the helpful places where the angel explains to John what each of the symbols mean. Remember the purpose of all of this is to tell us what these things and these people ARE like rather than what they LOOK like.

December 26

Read Revelation 19-20, then Pray Psalm 41. The first 10 verses of chapter 19 show us the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we proclaim that this celebration has already begun, to be fulfilled ultimately on that day. In chapter 20, we hold that verse 1 began during the first coming of Jesus, through His birth, death, resurrection, commissioning of us, and ascension. The thousand years is the time period from then until His future return (see 2 Peter 3:8-11, Matthew 24:14). The devil will be released for a “short time” just before the end. Remember 20:15!

December 27

Read Revelation 21-22, then Pray Psalm 42. This is our story. The words of these two chapters. This is where everything is going. It is the way everything was always ought to have been. These are His promises. A place with no tears. A place with no death. A place where the you you, the you He has been making all along will be free to run and leap and bound about in utter, complete fullness. A place where the story has no end. Where there are no deadlines or worries. A place where our love for one another is without limit and without blemish. A place where all the people we long to embrace will be together. A place where our default position is one of trust because there is no betrayal. A place where the animals are our dearest companions and the trees sing the song of the New Creation. A place with no confusion. No hatred. No hurt. No doubt. No curse. The place of Jesus.

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