The Upside Down

Acts 17:6 // What is the purpose of CHURCH? To bring “the Upside Down.” To do the opposite of what the world would do. To love our enemies. To bring light into the darkness, warmth into the cold, life where there is death.

Dig deeper: John 12:41-50, John 13:1-17, 31-34, Ephesians 3

Acts 17:7 // Who is your KING? Who do you follow? Who do you put your trust in…your hope in? Dig Deeper: 1 Samuel 8:1-22 CHURCH! Acts 17:11 // What is true? Who should you believe? What is your story of everything?!?

Dig Deeper: Psalm 1, John 5:24-40, 6:68, Romans 1:16-17

Acts 17:24 // This simple, but profound truth, impacts ALL of our other thinking about everything.

Dig Deeper: Read Psalm 22 and take note that this is Jesus’ perspective from the cross (see how he refers to the passage in Matthew 27:46-51) and how He did what we fail to do: trust the Father unto the end. But NOW, He offers this power to us!

Acts 17:25 // HE is the one who serves US, and then invites us to participate!

Dig Deeper: Romans 5

GOD’S PLAN Acts 17:26-27 // Believe the Promise! Look at the WHY so you can trust the WHAT!

Dig deeper: Ephesians 1