The Trouble With Opposites

The Trouble With Opposites

Prologue: “He Who Has Ears ... Let Him Hear”

„  Dr. William Leslie (1912)


An Inefficiently Effective Strategy

„  Jesus values other things above “efficiency”.

„  Luke 8:2-3- Why does Luke draw our attention to these women?


We wield an unstoppable Weapon. But make no mistake: We are in a War.

„  Isaiah 55:10-11 - Is the Word always reliable?

„  Luke 8:11-12 - What or whom are we up against?


People have FREE Bound Will.

„  Luke 8:13-14 - Are we ready for this truth?

„  Romans 9:16 - On what or whom do we all ultimately depend?


So grab your bag o’ seed and let’s roll.

„  Luke 8:15-16 - What does “by persevering produce a crop” mean? Furthermore, what does “put [the light] on a stand” mean?


Epilogue: “Therefore consider carefully how you listen”

„  Eric Ramsey (2010)


Let’s Join Jesus & be Inefficiently Effective = the Opposite of “Success”

Opposite Church

Opposite Church

Opposite Day

Opposite Day