The Desert Road

Acts 8:4 // Church 1.0 is the creation of a new people, a people sent into the world to “gospel” (tell the story!) wherever they went.

Acts 8:26 // The Desert Road was the place where Philip met the Ethiopian…well outside Samaria. Jesus had commissioned His disciples to take the Good News to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the Ends of the Earth.

Acts 8:27 // His ethnicity, his skin color, his sexuality, his social status and his career all placed him at odds with religious tradition. But not with Church 1.0.

Acts 8:30-35 // God’s word is power! But as with all messages, it must be understood. Grasped and applied to your life, here and now!
Acts 8:36 // Philip had taught this man the story of Jesus, and here, along the Desert Road, water was provided. It wasn’t just generic information, it was life changing!

CHURCH 1.0 IN 2017
The Life Cycle of Church // Proclamation: You are in Christ! Explanation: How His Story involves Your Story! Demonstration: Experience His love! Incarnation: Live it out, together as family, as community. All on the Desert Road.