Matthew 21:12-13 | Jesus comes to overturn all the tables of those who seek to use His name to oppress others. The “money changers” and “those selling doves” were there to take advantage of those who came in faith. People of this King are to welcome all people and to seek the restoration of those who are downtrodden! See Matthew 18:1-6!

Isaiah 56:7 | We get sidetracked on making a place holy when we should be focused on being who we are: co-heirs of the Kingdom! See Romans 8:16-17! The “house” in which Jesus overturned those tables is gone. It’s not coming back. A NEW Temple has come, and In HIM the “whole building is joined together to become a holy temple in the Lord!” See Ephesians 2:11-22!

Jeremiah 7:6-11 | Don’t trust politicians or the cable news channels (any of them!) for how we should treat people: listen to God’s Word! WE PUT OUR TRUST IN THE KING.

Matthew 21:14-16 | The people who were despised and considered “sinners” came to Jesus and HE HEALED THEM. The children were shouting: “Hosanna, to the Son of David”! It was the religious leaders who saw this, who heard this and got angry. Their authority, their rule was at an end because the True King was in their midst. The ruler of this world (read: devil) continues to oppress people the same way now and there are still those who are outraged by the radical truth of the Gospel: The Good News of the Arrival of the King! The One who comes to RESTORE. He uses all of HIS Authority to Save Us Now! TO SAVE YOU NOW! See Matthew 11:1-30!