Fix Your Eyes


Hebrews 12.1 || “Therefore…” is direction to look back at chapter 11: Remember that Faith is the evidence of things we do not see, which means we put our trust in God on HIS TERMS. All those people of faith (not just the ones listed—all believers!) who have gone before us are with Jesus, triumphant, and reigning with Him! Now it is our turn to persevere, both in our struggle with sin and in our participation with Jesus in the advance of His Kingdom!

Dig Deeper: Romans 5


Hebrews 12.7 || “Discipline” is a word which tends to be synonymous with “punishment” in our culture. The Greek word used by the author is “paideia” which “the rearing of a child, training and teaching, education…” While we “punish” children as a part of their education, most people (because of sin!) define punishment differently than this when thinking about God. THE PUNISHMENT FOR SIN WAS SATISFIED BY JESUS ON THE CROSS. This passage teaches us that God works diligently to correct us when we stray, exactly in the same way a loving father would his child. This happens through Him “prosphero”-ing Himself to us: which means that He offers Himself to us!

Dig Deeper: Genesis 50:19-20, Proverbs 3, Matthew 23:37, Galatians 3:22-4:7


Hebrews 12.2 || When we look at the world, we must always view it through Jesus. He reveals to us: Who God is, what God is up to, what God thinks about us, and God’s very nature. Jesus created our faith and He also sustains our faith unto its completion! He showed us with certainty Who God is and what He is like when He joyfully endured the cross for our sake. He offered Himself there because of His infinite love for us. He took the punishment away from us so He could teach us. It is not how you look, it is how you see. See the world through Jesus on the cross. See the world through Jesus at the empty tomb. See the world through Jesus as He reigns now, advancing His kingdom in and through us!

Dig Deeper: 1 John 1:1-10 and chapter 4