Daily Bread

Daily Bread

What does this mean?  Truly, God gives daily bread to evil people, even without our prayer.  But we pray in this request that He will help us realize this & receive our daily bread with thanksgiving.

What does “Daily Bread” mean?  Everything that nourishes our body & meets its needs, such as: Food, drink, clothing, shoes, house, yard, fields, cattle, money, possessions, a devout spouse, devout children, devout employees, devout & faithful rulers, good government, good weather, peace, health, discipline, honor, good friends, faithful neighbors & other things like these.


Step 1 Is Grati­tude to God for All His Blessings: “Give us today our daily bread."

Further Study: Deuteronomy 8:10; 1 Chronicles 29:14: Psalm 145:16; Psalm 90:12.

Step 2 Is Contentment with What God has Already Provided: “Give us today our daily bread."

Further Study: Proverbs 30:7—9

Step 3 Is Confidence That God Will Meet My Needs Day by Day: “Give us today our daily bread.”

Step 4 to Daily Bread Living is Generosity Toward The Less Fortunate: “Give us today our daily bread.”


·         Everything you have comes from God.

·         Everything that is given to you is given in trust to you.

·         The blessings you have are not given to you for your own personal benefit.

·         What is given to you in trust is given that you might share it with others.

Gratitude.  Contentment.  Confidence.  Generosity.

Forgive Us

Forgive Us

Your Will

Your Will