Read Scripture Guide for March 4 through March 10


  1. Grab a Bible. If it fits your style, also grab a journal to write in.
    • Which Bible version is best? The one you read! If you don’t have one, let us know! Print, Online, and Apps are available.
    • Invite family or friends to join you.
  2. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read. HE WILL.
  3. Check to see if there is a video to watch today
  4. Look up and read the assigned reading for the day.
  5. Look up the assigned Psalm that day: pray it out loud.
  6. Pray! Ask the Father to apply those readings to your life and to help you join Jesus where He is already working. HE WILL.
  7. Rally together each Sunday at Lindwedel Winery at 9 am with questions and discussion.
  8. Let's get started!!

Prefer a printable study guide? Click this button which contains our reading guide from now through the end of March. All the videos will be here, so check back each week!

March 4

Read Deuteronomy 30-31, then Pray Psalm 63. Take note of 30:11-20. This famous speech is a powerful confrontation of God’s righteousness and His promises! Verse 15! Verse 16! If you are the journaling type, write 15-16 out in your own words. Ponder them. Pray them. We are SAVED by grace (see Ephesians 2:1-10) but we LIVE by following Jesus (see Galatians 5). Jesus Himself put this to us in very simple terms: “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” John 14:15. See also: Matthew 7:24-27 and John 8:31-32.

March 5

Read Deuteronomy 32-34, then Pray Psalm 64. Consider the events of this story. Consider the events of your story. Consider how Jesus loves you and wants to impact the world through you. This closes the Torah, which HE and HE alone fulfilled, but that which stands forever. See Isaiah 55.


March 6

Read Joshua 1-4, then Pray Psalm 65. Joshua means “Yah Saves” in Hebrew. “Yah” is an abbreviation of Yahweh. Zoom in on Joshua 1:6-9 and note the role that God’s Word plays in being strong and courageous!

March 7

Read Joshua 5-8, then Pray Psalm 66. What a story about Jericho! This real historical event introduces Rahab the prostitute. Look at her importance (beyond this immediate story) in Matthew 1:5!

March 8

Read Joshua 9-12, then Pray Psalm 67. Many people doubt the story in Joshua 10 about the sun and moon standing still in the sky. Let us stand on the promises of God and trust Him. He is God, the earth is His footstool, and just as Jesus commanded the wind and the waves and raised the dead, so the Lord indeed can delay the earth and the heavenly bodies in their movement! More astonishing than God commanding space and time, is our refusal to pray to Him for what we need! Let us join with Joshua in believing that God is indeed all powerful, and pray accordingly! See John 16:23.

March 9

SKIM Joshua 13-21, then Pray Psalm 68.

March 10

Read Joshua 22-24, then Pray Psalm 69. Note 24:31. The issue of generations will be a big one in the next book, but consider how important it is to pass down our own Legacy! To tell the stories! To bear witness of what Jesus has done for us, in us, and through us!