We The Church

Sunday Morning Bible Study in January

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we talked about how we often get asked: So is Praise & Worship going to build a church? So we studied Scripture and changed the question to: CAN CHURCHES BUILD PEOPLE?

In January we are going to team up with Lutheran Hour Ministries and take a look at this question within the context of our "tribe" and the institution it created: The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Where did the "LCMS" come from? Why do we "walk together" with them? (The word "synod" means "walk together".) And more importantly, how does this factor into our bigger question: CAN CHURCHES BUILD PEOPLE?

Remember: YOU are the Temple of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit Himself!

Temples Build Churches >> Churches Build People >> People Build Families >> Families Build Communities.

This study's format is a combination of videos, discussion and Scripture! You are invited to the Winery at 9:00 am!