It is strange how a simple page turn of the calendar brings with it so many changes. And yet this is how we experience our lives. Seasons. And notice how there are different kinds of seasons. Yes, summer is winding down, but what are the seasons you experience in your life?

Are there seasons of accomplishment? Of failure? Of difficulty? Of peace? How do these seasons come and go? With the page turn of a calendar? Or with...moments? Events? Careers? Experiences? Relationships? Births? Deaths?

These moments...these experiences trigger within us deep questions. Invariably we search for meaning. This search then influences the moments ahead. Creating new seasons. Shining a different light upon the path, even causing us to ask different questions.

What season are you in? A season of new? A season of old? A season of excitement? A season of drudgery? A season of fear? A season of hope?

At Praise & Worship we look at the seasons, we look for meaning in them, and we conclude that ultimate meaning comes from Jesus. This is because Jesus didn't come to make us "good people" but to make the dead live. To free us from the brokenness of injustice and betrayal and set us free into the wide open spaces of love, joy and peace...of patience, kindness and goodness...of faithfulness, gentleness and self control. These wide open spaces where we can freely laugh, and freely hope, is what we seek to join Him in building not just for us, but for all those around us. No matter what they look like, where they come from, what they've done or any other attribute that someone may affix to another.

Simply put: we are convinced that this is what "church" is. A community of people who have been set free from their past, and trust the promises of the One who is building a new future. This is what we mean when we say we are "Loved by Jesus and are Joining Him in His Mission." By definition, this creates a new Season of Life. It creates a new foundation to build upon. It creates a new way to be human.

A new journey.

Where we grow in trusting that WHO we are is not defined by WHAT we do or have done, but rather by what HE has done and is doing.

Where we grow in learning that our stories are defined by His story, and that our stories are woven together.

Where we grow in experiencing His love. Not just by hearing His promises, but by tasting them. And sharing in them! And giving them to others!

Where we grow in community. Knowing that we are not alone, and that His love is tangible, found in a hug, in the presence of His very body.

And in all these things, a new people is born. A people that reflect His light onto others. A people that lead the way through all the seasons of life. A people who make a difference in the things that matter most.

You are invited to come along for the ride.