Praise & Worship Family Meeting

Leaders, Budgets & Chili

Sunday, January 29, was Praise & Worship's Annual Meeting, AKA The Family Meeting! Some important notes from that meeting:

Our 2017 leadership team is set!


  • Harley Schmitgen, President (Serving 2016-2017)
  • Steve Lindwedel, Vice President (Serving 2017-2018)
  • Kirk Manion, Treasurer (Serving 2017-2018)
  • Shari Smith, Secretary (Serving 2016-2017)

Additional Leadership Team Members

  • Mike Linneman (Serving 2016-2017)
  • Ron Jett (Serving 2017-2018)
  • Linda Reinbold (Serving 2017-2018)

Spiritual Support Team

  • Ron Musolino (Serving 2017-2018)
  • Bernie Smith (Serving 2016-2017)

If you would like to learn more about what each of these leaders is helping accomplish, take a look at the Praise & Worship Constitution for all the details!

We shared the details of our "statistics" so that everyone has concrete information about our Sunday morning participation:

  • 2013: Total Giving = $87,086
    Avg. Attendance = 51
  • 2014: Total Giving = $109,295
    Avg. Attendance = 61
  • 2015: Total Giving = $139,176
    Avg. Attendance = 75
  • 2016: Total Giving = $131,517
    Avg. Attendance = 67

We highlighted that 2016 wasn't necessarily "down" from 2015, but that rather 2015 was an extraordinary year which had several special events, causing our numbers to be a tad inflated! We also highlighted that these numbers do not account for the average of 500 viewers of our "Two Minute" clips we post weekly online, nor for the additional average of 20 viewers we have of our message time on YouTube. More than this though, while the "stat sheet" is a useful indicator for the growth of our congregation, it has no place for when we love our neighbors or provide hope to those hurting or tell the story of Jesus who don't yet know Him. Those "statistics" should always be kept in balance with our tracking of worship attendance and financials.

The Congregation then approved the following 2017 Budget Plan:

Expected Income: $148,859
Planned Expenses: $146,478 broken down as follows...

  • People $118,908
  • Tools $5,001
  • Facilities $16,569
  • Mission $6,000

Additional financial details are available upon request.

Chuck Rowan, Joel Telschow, Ray Fulsom

Chuck Rowan, Joel Telschow, Ray Fulsom

Now for the important business! Who won the FIRST ANNUAL Chili Cook Off?!?

Chuck Rowan's "Chuck's 3-Meat Chili" narrowly defeated Joel Telchow's "Sacrilicious" to take the crown!

Detailed investigations revealed that Chuck's secret ingredient, a large bar of dark chocolate, may have been the factor that tipped things in his favor.

But that wasn't the only tipping point. Ray Fulsom's "Pig Farmer's Chili" finished strongly in third place, despite most of it being spilled out in back of Ray and Dina's car!

The motion was made, and seconded (by eating seconds) that this event shall return annually.

We offer special thanks to everyone who participated! Not only did we have many different chilies to enjoy, there was wonderful cornbread, side dishes and desserts! Many also helped with setup, cleanup and everything in between. THANK YOU!!