Opposites Month

February is Opposites Month at Praise & Worship! Why? As we study Luke's Gospel (chapters 6-9), continuing our journey of following Jesus from the Manger to the Cross, the story of the Upside Down Kingdom intensifies.

Jesus unleashes one of His most radical teachings: "Love your Enemies," He commands us. How is this possible? Then, just as our minds are boggled with that great reversal, we meet a Roman Centurion. This authority figure, who seemingly represents everything opposed to God's People, subjects Himself to Jesus. The enemy comes and prays at the feet of Jesus. What a scandal!

But there's more: Jesus continues His dismantling of religious assumptions by teaching the Parable of the Sower. In "The Trouble With Opposites," we'll be taught by the Master about how His Kingdom comes.

But He doesn't really mean any of this for us...right? He's just using intense object lessons to make a point...right? We conclude February with "Opposite Church," as we are called by the Master to pick up our Crosses!

Please pray about joining us, and who you might consider bringing along. Whatever we might expect, Jesus will do the opposite!