Happy Birthday Praise & Worship!

PW turns THREE today! Yep, three years ago today, on December 15, 2013, Praise & Worship chartered as an official congregation! Now certainly, as a community, PW has been around longer than that, but it is important to recognize that moment when the greater Church (worldwide) and our Synod (those Christians whom we walk with right here in America) received us a Church in Branson, Missouri!

And it is fitting that our Birthday is very close to Someone Else's Birthday. Because if you ask why WE were born, it is because HE was born! We are Loved By Jesus and Joining Him on His Mission!

So what's in store for our FOURTH year? Three major expansion initiatives are in view for 2017:

  1. Connect with unchurched people in the Tri-Lakes area through “Questions About God,” a series of Thursday nights where we will invite people from the community to a night at the winery to ask questions, deal with tough issues and build relationships
  2. Grow our Youth Discipleship efforts
  3. Continue to expand our Digital Ministry

These three initiatives flow directly from:

  • Our Values (what we think is important): Being a Christ-Centered, Disciple-Making Community
  • Our Vision (what we “see” us doing in the future): Connecting people to Jesus who currently don’t know Him!
  • Our Mission (what we actually are going to DO to get there!): Equipping our People to tell His Story and Creating Neighboring Environments in which to share that Story!

Join me in celebrating this day with a special prayer:

Father, we pray that you would give us power, resources and opportunity to Join Jesus in His Mission. We pray that you would bring people to us and bring us to people so that new names might be added to the Book of Life! We pray for BAPTISMS to happen in 2017! We pray for HOPE to go out in 2017! We pray for LOVE to be given freely in 2017! We remember your promise that those who ASK will RECEIVE! And we ask all of this as we pray in the Mighty Name of JESUS, our SAVIOR, our LORD! Amen.