From the Manger to the Cross

The Story of the Upside Down Kingdom

Ever wonder: WHAT IS GOD THINKING? Yeah. Us too. That is why we need to hang out with Him. Get to know Him. Find out what makes Him tick. What are His values? What is He interested in? What does HE call success?

Let's dive deep into His story. A story that we would never write. But it is a story that can write us. This Sunday (January 8), we are going to pick up the story only days after the King of the Universe was placed in a feeding trough. And we are going with Him...all the way to the "place of the skull"...where He gave everything for you and for me. Why? WHY? The Gospel of Luke. This Sunday. You are invited. Services are at the Lindwedel Winery at 10:00 am...but you should come an hour early because: "We The Church"!