Family Meeting Results

On Sunday, October 15th 2018, Praise & Worship held our second Family Meeting of the year. Our purpose this time? To hear the report from the Leadership Team on our search for a new home base. If you were unable to attend, please click this button to download the full details of the presentation:

The congregation unanimously approved to authorize the Leadership Team to PURSUE THE PROJECT WITH THE INTENT TO PURCHASE THE LAND AND TO BUILD UPON IT!

This will result in the following actions by the Leadership Team:

  • We will begin recruiting ministry partners to help with:

    • The Planning Team: This team will take our Values, Vision and Mission and develop a specific plan for the building.

    • The Finance Team: This team will take the plans developed by the Planning Team and seek to determine the costs of the project and secure the funding necessary to cover the costs.

    • The Building Team: This team will execute the plan created by the Planning Team utilizing the budget generated by the Finance Team

    • ***If you would like to serve on one or more of these teams, LET US KNOW!

  • We will spend the funds necessary to survey and inspect the land to ensure it will work for us.

  • We will spend the funds necessary to hire an architect and others who may be needed in order to determine precise building costs and return to the congregation soon with a detailed plan.