Different Week

Different Week

Take note of our "Different Week" Schedule:

  • 4/9: Palm Sunday (9 am Bible Study // 10 am Worship)
  • 4/13: Maundy Thursday (7 pm Unique Service with the Lord's Supper)
  • 4/14: Good Friday (7 pm Service of Darkness)
  • 4/16: Easter (6:30 am Sunrise Service // 8:00 am Breakfast // 10:00am Celebration Service) Easter services will be held at the outdoor amphitheater, weather permitting!

Sunday is the beginning of Different Week! So what is Different Week? Well, in the olden days, we called this "Holy Week." "Holy", we have learned at Praise & Worship, means utterly different. Set apart. (Remember The Bible Project's cool video about this?) So Sunday, we could say, is starting the Different Week!

The week completely different from any other week. Ever.

The week when the Different King arrived in Jerusalem. The week when the Different Love would be poured out. The week when He would ascend to a very Different Throne. The week when He would be placed in a very Different Sepulcher.

And then...the most Different Day since the universe was created would happen. One Thousand Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Four years ago. The most Different Day. The First Day of the New Creation.

We've followed Him here: from the feeding trough He was born and placed in, to the execution rack He was placed upon and died upon. We saw with our own eyes. We heard with our own ears. Everything He taught us was opposite of what we would expect. His mission seemed impossible. The fact that He wants us with Him requires a total reorientation of our thinking. This is the King who came to seek and to save we who were lost...we who were oppressed, destroyed, ignored, forsaken. This. All of this.

It all leads to the week that is completely different from any other week. Ever.

You are invited to partake with us!
In Jesus,
Pastor Mark